"I don’t need the Prince Charming to have my own happy ending. I can make the happy ending myself."

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Yay for two hundred! :D *hugs*

To enter just reblog this by 12:00pm (Mountain time), March 24th, 2014 and you’ll be added to the drawing~! :3

Prizes are:

1st place: colored digital drawing 

2nd place: colored traditional drawing

3rd place: traditional lineart

4th place: traditional sketch

Just so you know..

#1 You’re more than welcome to follow me, but it’s not required to enter.

#2 You can reblog this more than once, but you’ll still only get one entry.

#3 I don’t draw anything over PG13.

(Yeah, I’m redoing the post cause I was bored and realized it might be a good idea to put a picture on the top.. I don’t know. *flails* xD Don’t worry, whoever reblogged the other post doesn’t need to reblog this one if you don’t want to cause you’ll still be entered! ^.^)

  1. Camera: iPhone 5c
  2. Aperture: f/2.4
  3. Exposure: 1/20th
  4. Focal Length: 4mm


For my awesome friend’s birthday~! :3 Check out his blog—>Wildvine53

OH my gosh Gummi, this is amazing! I absolutely love it! Thank you :3

So I’ll quiet down the devil, I’m gonna knock him with a shovel, and I’ll bury all my troubles underneath the rubble.

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    set fire to the third bar by snow patrol ft. martha wainwright

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Random Things I Happen To Like turned 2 today!

Wow, I’m so lame I started my blog on my birthday two years ago v_v

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oh look 


wait what is that??


is that what i think it is??


can it be?







can someone please take that gif of anna being hit by hans’s horse and replace it with a car??? pls omg i will pay money for this


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I think this is one of my favorite post ever